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Activity or Activism? - 'Becoming Intimate' with Non-native Animals in Performance Art
Paper at the symposium 'Network Ecologies'
University of Hull, UK                                    


Site-based Performance as Platform for a Political  Ecology: 

Exploring Cohabitation with Non-Native Animals

Paper at the IFTR conference 2014, "Theatre and Stratification" 

University of Warwick, UK

Wanted: Dead or Alive?

A Performance Studies Perspective on Non-native Animals

Paper at the conference “Animal Encounters: Performance, Animality and Posthumanism”, TaPRA Theatre, Performance & Philosophy Group in association with University of East  London, London (UK)


Perspectives on Ecological Performance Making with Non-native Animals 

–  From Ecological Uncertainties to Post-anthropocentric Ethics

Paper at the conference “Animals and their People – Fall of the anthropocentric Paradigm”

organized by Animal Studies Poland, Warsaw

University of Warsaw Poland


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